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101 Plants & Things has everything you need to landscape your home. We offer a century of combined staff experience to make the right choices for your coastal garden.  Over an acre of plants, a third under cover regardless of the weather we offer all gardeners a shopping opportunity.  Whether its pots, plants, or accessories - home and garden - we have lots of fantastic items always set at a reasonable price

We feature organic potting soils, soil amending composts and fertilizers.  We also carry specialty soil products such as Black Gold, orchid bark, African violet mix, bonsai mix and much more.

For the all-natural gardener we specialize in organic gardening and have a vast selection of products to choose from including Safer, Gardener & Bloom, Down-to-Earth soils and fertilizers to name a few.

We have the largest selection of pottery on the South Coast.  The collection includes sizes, shapes, styles and colors from all over the world. For those special touches to your garden we have garden art, birdbaths, concrete statues and fountains.

No matter what it is you are looking for we promise you a unique experience.  Come in and see us!

Open Monday - Sunday  10am to 5pm

Wasabi and Homegrown Tea

2 Wasabi

We've got a few Wasabi in for spring.  These are the kind that can be grown in regular soil, rather than in water and they love the Southern Oregon weather


Homegrown tea! Yes tea that will grow in our area. Here is the info sheet


Video - Leaf Cutting Bees in Action from solarbeez.com

Our friends over at http://solarbeez.com sent us this video -- if you've got curcular holes in some of your plants but can't find any slugs or bugs it could be bees!




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Holly's Photos

New Sign

A storm this winter did a number on the old sign.. so here's the new one

Grafted Tomatoes

101 Plants has been selected along with seven other nurseries in the Northwest to introduce grafted tomatoes to the home gardener.  A grafted tomato is a selected variety grown on incredibly disease resistant rootstock.  This combination creates a vigorous plant that produces more tomatoes than the non-grafted plants.  This is not a new development.

In the 20's, growers in Asia found that they could increase production on desired varieties if they grafted them onto disease resistant rootstock.  If the rootstock were allowed to produce fruit it be small, hard and bitter.  Today, 81% of Korean vegetables and 54% of all Japanese vegetables (95% of Japan's watermelons, oriental melons, greenhouse cucumbers, tomatoes and eggplants) are produced on grafted plants.  Vegetable grafting in spreading throughout Europe, especially to Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Morocco.

In the U.S., vegetable grafting is still mostly limited to East Coast growers, although the technique's potential for increasing plant health and fruit yield without crop rotation, harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers is starting to catch the attention of more greenhouse growers and organic growers.

Grafted tomatoes have an increased resistance to early and late blight, nematodes and bacterial diseases.They also have an increase toerance to enviromental stresses, which along the South Coast means cool weather.  With increased vigor and yield gardeners growing grafted tomatoes can expect bigger harvests of better quality fruits over a longer period with fewer harmful inputs.

We at 101Plants are totally excited to be able to be part of this introduction.  The closest other nurseries participating are in Portland and Medford.  So come by and talk to us about this unique new delvelopment and maybe buy a plant for your garden or greenhouse.