JULY 2020

Updated Hours

Tuesday to Saturday  10am to 4pm

Sunday and Monday  Closed

Private shopping appointments on Monday are still available. Please call 541-347-9398 during regular business hours to reserve a time.

TEMPORARY  HOURS for APRIL   10 am to 2 pm   Monday to Saturday   Closed Sunday

Other arrangements are available if needed.

We regret the shortened hours but feel it is in the best interests of our Staff and Community.

Along with our Growers we are committed to keeping you supplied with plants and all your gardening needs.

As always our plants are beautiful and continue to arrive weekly.

This is an opportunity to slow down from our frantic life styles, go outside and hear the birds singing….. Spring it’s Spring…. put some plants in the soil with faith in the future and know that all over the World, We are All living through this difficult time Together, moment by moment.